Dyce Carriers Ltd, have increased their fleet with the addition of five new MAN Trucks to be distributed between their various depots.

One TGX XXL 510 44 Ton, an XLX 510 44 Ton and an XLX 510 65 Ton are bound for the DCL depot in Poole, Dorset. Another TGX XXL 510 44 Ton is headed for the Dalgety Bay branch and a third one will remain at Aberdeen headquarters.

All five trucks were leased from Norscot MAN Truck & Bus Aberdeen. These 510bhp vehicles are designed to provide high levels of driving and living comfort, a lot of torque and low fuel usage. This ensures journeys are both economical and safe.

Two of the XLX MAN Vehicles will be placed into a full-time contract at Wytchfarm while the remaining three trucks will be used on National Haulage journeys. These vehicles are fully equipped with a top of the range XXL cab which includes a fridge, microwave, TV, leather interior, and a coffee maker. Boasting efficient performance and total reliability in all fields of application, these vehicles are perfectly designed for extreme performance within long-haul and distribution transport, making them a great new addition to the DCL fleet.

The trucks will soon be DVS approved for Greater London deliveries with audible left turn warning, proximity sensors, and a three camera DVR system supplied by Kinesis.

Managing director, Jason Moir is hopeful that the addition of these new trucks will allow Dyce Carriers to keep on top of the growing demand for haulage and transport over the coming year as well as aiding Dyce Carriers in their pursuit to gain Silver Accreditation from Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).

“After the first lockdown hit in 2020, we shrunk in size, but continued to operate as key workers,” says Jason. “Now we are hopeful that the UK will gather strength again in 2021 and we want to be prepared to provide our customers with the same level of service that they have come to expect from Dyce Carriers Ltd.”

As Lockdown measures begin to lift in 2021, haulage companies will need to adapt and move quickly as various industries begin to recover at different rates. Businesses’ will be looking to sure up their supply chain resilience post lockdown and investments in infrastructure will be critical to the recovery of the UK economy.

Dyce Carriers will be well prepared for this shift, operating a modern fleet of vehicles and trailers and offering a first class, reliable service to clients up and down the UK.

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