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Few Road Transport companies possess the accreditations we’ve earned. It’s a clear demonstration of our commitment to quality in all aspects of the business. From our fleet investment strategy through our focus on safety to our commitment to the environment everything is done with quality in mind.

Quality and Safety – ISO 9001

We are ISO 9001 accredited. Previously we held BS5750 and upgraded to ISO 9001 in 2014. We elected to hold this accreditation because it demonstrated to all of our stake-holders a commitment to quality that was already a core business value. Within our client base we are fortunate to service several world-class global businesses who expect a commitment to quality.

Environmental Care – ISO 14001

We are ISO 14001 accredited. This environmental management standard is an essential part of our business strategy. We believe that environmental care is a core requirement for any road haulage business and will play an increasingly important role in the regulation of road transport.

ECO Star – Five Star Accreditation

We are proud to state that we are a 5 Star accredited haulier under the ECO Star system and so far the only haulier to attain this standard of accreditation in Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire. The ECO Star Fleet Recognition Scheme was originally set up in Yorkshire in 2009 as a means of assisting local councils to tackle air quality issues caused by road transport. The scheme now operates on a European wide basis.

CQMS Safety Scheme Accredited

We are CQMS accredited. This scheme aims to facilitate the selection of suppliers who have demonstrated competence in health and safety management of their own personnel and of safety interfaces with others.

Individual Driver Training – CPC and ADR

Our drivers are HGV trained to the appropriate level for the vehicles they operate. In addition they possess CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) and ADR (Dangerous Goods – Accord European Relatif au Transport International des Marchandises Dangerous par Route) certification.


Safety is at the forefront of our organisation. This is underlined by our ISO 9001 accreditation and is a core part of every journey we make. Of course focus on safety relates to every part of our business from our haulage operations, through maintenance services, goods handling to office activities.

Our best practice when transporting your goods and conversing with your personnel, translates into a quality service delivered.  Attention to detail in matters of safety means better business performance, safer transactions and also lower costs.

Our drivers include tool box talks, personal risk assessments, daily vehicle walk round checks, and the proper use of load check sheets as part of their professional standards of care and focus on HSE matters.

Health and Safety Coordinator

Our dedicated Health and Safety Coordinator is available to discuss any safety issue with any of our team or our customers. If there is something you would like to discuss with him, please give him a call or drop him an e mail.

Telephone: 01202 620 880

E Mail: steved@dyce-carriers.co.uk