Devan / LLS Cargo

We understand that cargo logistics plays a key role in supply chain operations. At Dyce Carriers, we’re dedicated to ensuring your cargo moves efficiently, reliably, and with precision throughout its journey.

What is Devan / LLS Cargo

Devan refers to the process of unloading cargo from shipping containers. It involves efficiently removing goods from containers and ensuring they are ready for further transportation or storage.

LLS, on the other hand, refers to Load, Lash, and Secure. This encompasses a range of cargo handling services, including loading, lifting, and shifting heavy items, using a range of specialist equipment. Regardless of size or weight, our LLS services will do the heavy lifting.

Service Details

Our devan and LLS cargo services operate exclusively from our Grangemouth site. Here is what we can do for you with our specialist LLS equipment:

  • Reachstacker capable of 40-tonne cargo lifts
  • 30-tonne container lifts for 20/40ft containers
  • 16-tonne forklift
  • 3-tonne triple stage container loading/unloading forklifts
  • 8-tonne triple stage container loading/unloading forklifts
  • Purpose built lift frame capable of 31ton centre point lifts
  • Pipe loading boom capable of booming pipes weighing up to 2000kgs
  • Capabilities to land up to 20 x 40ft containers to the ground
  • Devanning 40ft and 20ft container
  • Loading and lashing 20ft and 40ft containers
  • Devanning 40ft and 20ft flatracks with OOG cargo
  • Loading and lashing 40ft and 20ft flatracks with OOG cargo
  • VGM provision for OOG flatracks
  • Substantial outside storage facilities
  • Facility to hold and store loaded containers.

Partnering with Dyce Carriers

At Dyce Carriers we provide the full package from cargo collection on a flatbed trailer, step frame, or curtain sider direct to our facility in Grangemouth docks.

We also offer a shunt service to collect empty containers and return loaded containers to port or rail terminals.

At Grangemouth, we load and lash 20ft and 40ft containers with palletised cargo, as well as various other offshore equipment.  Furthermore, we specialise in the LLS of OOG cargo onto 20ft and 40ft flatracks.

We handle both European and international imports from our Grangemouth base, situated in Scotland’s largest container port, devanning cargo of up to 38 tons onto suitable Dyce Carriers trailers for onward delivery anywhere in Scotland.

Project Mission

At Dyce Carriers, we take pride in our commitment to providing top-notch cargo services, including Devan and LLS, to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our Grangemouth base is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and skilled personnel to ensure the smooth and secure handling of your cargo. goods.

We do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to.