Heavy Haulage Services

We understand that not all cargo fits neatly into a standard size trailer. That’s why we offer specialised heavy haulage services for wide loads, heavy loads, and special requirements.

What is Heavy Haulage?

Heavy haulage refers to the transportation of oversized or overweight cargo that exceeds the standard legal size and weight limits for road transport. This can include large machinery, construction equipment, prefabricated sections of buildings, wind turbine components, and other substantial items.


Due to the unique challenges posed by the size and weight of these loads, heavy haulage often requires specialized vehicles, equipment, and permits. Additionally, careful planning and route selection are essential to ensure safe and efficient transit, taking into account potential obstacles like bridges, tunnels, and power lines. Heavy haulage is a specialised field within the logistics industry, dedicated to moving exceptionally large or heavy items safely and efficiently.

Service Details

Our varied fleet of vehicles and trailers are equipped to handle all your road haulage needs. Whether you’re transporting an oversized piece of machinery, a wide load that requires special handling, or a heavy load that exceeds standard weight limits, we’ve got the equipment and expertise to get it to its destination safely and efficiently.

Our comprehensive heavy haulage services include route planning to ensure the most efficient journey for your load. We’ll also obtain any necessary permits, coordinate with local authorities and provide the escort vehicles required to ensure compliance with UK regulations.

The on-board crane capabilities of our hi-ab vehicles facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo, significantly reducing the cost of expensive mobile crane hire, and making your heavy haulage project more cost-effective.

Partnering with Dyce Carriers

Our legacy in the transport industry is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to our clients. For 50 years we’ve fostered relationships with our returning customer that are built on trust and an understanding of their needs, helping us to provide them with tailored haulage solutions.

Our team, equipped with industry-leading knowledge and driven by a passion for excellence, is always at the ready to navigate the challenges of the logistics world alongside you. With Dyce Carriers, you gain more than a service; you gain a partner dedicated to propelling your operations forward.

Project Mission

We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with moving oversized and unusual loads. Every consignment we handle is not just a task but a commitment to uphold the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

Our top priority is always to ensure the safety of your cargo, our drivers, and other road users which is why our team is trained to handle any on-road challenges they may face along the way.

Find out how we can meet your road transport needs safely, efficiently, and at a competitive cost.