Dyce Carriers operates under the Road Haulage Association “Conditions of Carriage 2020”. You can see the full terms and conditions by following this link. What this means for our customers is that we accept the risks associated with carriage of your goods in strict accordance with these specific terms. Our insurance cover matches that carried by all RHA members and is limited in value to optimise general use. It is estimated to be adequate for the majority of loads carried but cannot as a general level of cover provide cover for every eventuality. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take the time to verify that the level of cover provided meets your insurance needs.

Use our quick calculator below to establish if the level of cover provided is sufficient. Should you require additional cover you can source this through your own insurance broker or seek additional cover from us. You will need to contact us in advance of the planned journey to establish additional cover if you would like us to obtain it for you. There is an additional premium to be charged for additional cover, which will be calculated based on your specific requirements.